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Centre Island, 2006


While I am far from becoming a full-fledged nudist, my first visit to Hanlan's Point has me hooked. The feeling of the sun on every inch of skin was delicious. I have never been interested in laying on a beach -- but doing so without wet nylon/spandex clinging to my body makes me want to lay naked on a beach ALL the time! Perhaps it is because they are not normally exposed to the sun, but your genitals sure heat up in a comfortable -- non-sexual, even -- way. I highly recommend that everyone tries it at least once -- regardless of your body type. No one's watching you more than yourself, so who cares?

Was tsk-tsk-tsked by two older, fully-clothed Chinese men,who hobbled up close from female to female. Clearly they were not impressed with my tattoo.

I am looking forward to returning soon. Being a little too generous with the SPF60, I barely got a tan after sitting out there for more than five hours. Unfortunately, the weather forecast calls for rain and clouds on both of my days off this week :(


my brother, the installation artist

The work, Dog Orgy.

Accountants may be considered dull by the general population -- but the most delightfully perverted beings are known to spring from their loins.

A toast to Al and Sabrina on a job well done!


a perfectly good reason to get dressed up

Reply to: just come!
Date: 2006-06-09, 1:09AM EDT

I'm talking about the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts Inaugural Gala Concert Simulcast in Nathan Phillips Square on Wednesday, June 14 at 7:30pm.

Are you, like me, unable to shell out $150 for a gala ticket but excited by the prospect of getting dolled up? Come on down!

So I'll be there, in my party dress, watching the simulcast in Nathan Phillips Square. I might even wear fancy shoes. Wanna come? We can feast on street meat and chunky fries and make believe that we've gorged ourselves on beef tenderloin and pommes frites.

Even if you're not into arias and shit, come anyway. It's not every day that a city gets an opera house.

I'm not just inviting one person. I'm inviting everyone.

See you by the chip trucks at 6PM!

this is in or around Nathan Phillips Square

no -- it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests


malaise de l'orange by Weem

I've developed a Sunday routine and I quite like it:

  1. Work the brunch shift.
  2. Take full advantage of the complimentary staff drink.
  3. Stop over at Soundscapes and make a purchase (CD or ticket).
  4. Buy some flowers for our sunny dining room.
  5. Get bananas.
  6. Go home and lounge around in my underwear for a few hours until Grey's Anatomy comes on.
This past weekend, I decided to add another stop to my walk home along College Street: Dragon Lady Comics & Paper Nostalgia. This will then bump bananas down to #6 and give me something else to do during the new #7, as I wait for my show to come on. If I move quickly enough, I still might be able to hold off turning red (see #2) until I get home.

Considering I'll be unemployed by the end of the month, this probably isn't the best time to start a collection. It's always when you have the least money when you want to buy more. Comic books will be cheaper than shoes and I'm hoping they will be an adequate alternative as I continue to spend for comfort.

And now, a beautifully-photographed comic about betrayal...