"OK. Feel free to say no... but would you be interested in seeing the Kelly Clarkson show tomorrow night? None of us really know anyone in Toronto, so I'm sure we can get you on the guestlist."

"Oooh. I do love Massey Hall! But I've got crochet class."


"Yeh. I'm choosing crochet over Kelly. I hope that's OK."

"Dude, that's awesome!"

Thanks for the hook-up Jan! Now we'll know who to bug about food when we head to Hoboken next month :)


Punkinpalooza's coming up and I have offered to make something vegetarian-friendly in a big pot. Made the curried butternut squash soup last year, which went over quite well (how can anyone say no to the butternut?); I wanted to make something different this year.

Did a test run on chili on Monday night, using TVP to bulk it up. Still suffering the brutal brutal effects of what D calls "fart sponges."


Guess I'll be making soup again.


So we've decided to break up. Amicably. M is being sensible and moving home -- I've toyed with the idea of doing the same. But that's it -- just an idea.

I came up to Unionville tonight to feed Annie while the parents were gone. From the door of SSCH to the door of our house, it took me two hours and twenty-five minutes to get home.

Moving back up here in December is definitely not an option.