Dad: So your brother's complaining about his restaurant job.
San: Oh really? About what?
Dad: He says he hates scrubbing the toilets.
San: Come on. Everyone has to do it at some point. Even I've had to clean toilets!
Dad: Yeh, but you really enjoy it.
San: Excuse me? Whatever gave you that impression?
Dad: Because you've never complained about it.


Terrific. Another pastime to replace this obsession of mine with squeezing little doohickeys out of my pores.
From The Boston Globe
"THERE ARE LOTS of ways to tidy up your computer keyboard: a spurt or two of Windex, a blast from one of those high-tech cans of compressed air, or the old-fashioned flip-and-shake. But none of these are nearly as satisfying as excavating the crevices with a folded-up Post-It note. Depending on how long you hold off between cleanings, the results can be gloriously stomach-turning: wads of fuzz, mysterious multicolored flecks, petrified crumbs, disturbing white flakes."

Etelka Lehoczky
October 3, 2004


Back to brunch
I kinda promised Mom & Dad I wouldn't go back to waitressing. Then I challenged myself to see how long before I gave in. I lasted two months. Just worked my first brunch shift at Xacutti today and WOW, I had the best staff meal ever. Steak Benedict with floppy bacon. Threw leftovers in the microwave and they're STILL tasty... Perhaps the new job will give me better material since Delta Bingo has already lost its novelty.
Happy Thanksgiving. If you feel like feeding me, you'll find me at KINKO'S tomorrow afternoon, trying desperately to open a file for work. Why our graphic designer decided to lay out the newsletter on Illustrator is beyond me.