hangin' with Ted

"Where was this pic taken again? Harbourfront or Centre Island?"
"Centre Island, 1988."
"We should go back there and pose."
"Sure -- as long as we wear the same outfits."

"This is such a horrible picture. It looks like I'm wearing a diaper"
"Yeh, what's up with those shorts? Are you sure it was 1988? I don't remember having that hair when I was six."
"I think so. Remember that pic of me in the Markham Economist that spring, when I'd won the poetry contest at the mall? I had the same bowl-cut mullet, same glasses, same pink and white lanyard for my glasses..."
"Yeh, well you'd had that look for quite a while. Maybe as far back as 1986."


At 1:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this pic, you both look adorable. Please do post the follow up reunion pic once you take it.


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