box 47

Aug 31 - BOX 66! Box 66 was the lucky box drawn! There were 75 boxes in total this year.


Monday seems so far away. v_v


Sunday with Mom & Pop

"Did you read the article about those panhandlers who stabbed someone because he didn't give them change?"

"Oh really? Were they young panhandlers?"

"Does it matter?"

"I can't imagine older panhandlers working in groups."

"So does that make it OK for them to stab people who refuse to give them money?"

"That's not what I said."

According to Dad, this should teach me a lesson -- to not associate with "these people." I can't recall when was the last time I told him I'd befriended a gang of panhandlers, but it seems that he thinks I'm friendly with every stranger on the street, due to my "kind of lifestyle."

I guess I should have known better than to tell my parents about the volunteer work. Or maybe I shouldn't have said anything about the random men who come up to talk to me when I am alone because clearly, it's my fault for "inviting their attention."

They caught me eating unwashed fruit tonight. Boy did I get an earful for that one too.

I assured them that it had nothing to do with their parenting -- it's just that I didn't want to ... wash off all of the nutrients. And that I'm lazy.


The Rules of Hanlan's Point

1st rule: No staring.

2nd rule: No staring then waiting for me to find a spot on the beach before planting yourself nearby then staring some more then sidling up to me and saying "Hello Beautiful, wanna go for a swim?" then staring at me some more when I politely say "No" then following me into the water with your cigarette still lit (!) then staring some more.

3rd rule: No diddling of the dongle -- no, not even during the ferry ride. A friendly wink does not make public masturbation OK.

4th rule: No staring, then beckoning me to follow you around the corner.

Something for you to remember: Just because a gal shows up at a pub/movie theatre/clothing-optional beach by herself, it does not mean that she is looking for company.


Spending Splurging is my weakness. So I finally decided to seek professional help.

I arrived at the bank at 5:30 — half an hour before closing time. I was informed that they were short-staffed and that it was unlikely that I'd get to see anyone before the end of the day.

So I bought two shirts and a dress (they were all on sale). Then I went to see a movie (with my discount card). Then I had wings and beer at the Taps (which I'd opted over sashimi and plum wine).

While I have no one but myself to blame for blowing a significant wad last night, knowing that I'd managed a total savings of $75 shows a definite sign of improvement.

Baby steps. ^_^