A huge weight has been lifted
I am no longer a Monday Night Wing Girl at the Honest Lawyer. I've been fired. Not disappointed, considering I'd pretty much asked them do to it. Maybe I'll have time now to do my laundry, clean the house, catch up on reading, take long walks. More me time. I like that. But me time on a tighter budget – no new shoes for a little while, but I know I can live with that. Maybe I'll even get caught up on my sleep! Hah.


I have never walked out of a film –– until last night. Envy is the new Ben Stiller and Jack Black film. We managed to sit through 45 minutes of it –– 45 excruciating minutes of suck. I laughed once, when Jack said "poo" but that's only because "poo" is a funny funny word.


J: whatever happened to the celibate boy here in TO?
L: he really likes furniture. i'm afraid he finds it more interesting than me. to each his own
J: from a distance in certain lighting conditions you could be seen as somewhat ottoman-like.just a suggestion for how you may market yourself to him.
L: so you're saying that if i posed as an ottoman, on my hands and knees, and draped myself in suede, he'd notice me?
J: velvet, not suede and make sure you are not outdoors in case it rains – you on your hands and knees - not a mental image I was expecting this morning
L: pure and wholesome thoughts, jonathan
J: only, dear Sabrina. Though I have to review my diet to figure out what brought it on yesterday
L: stop drinking antifreeze
J: not drinking it - thats dangerous - was rubbing lysol on my chest though
L: i don't mind the tingling
J: thats why I do it
L: have you not been active lately?
J: sex?
L: what else?
J: how true – no I have been - not daily but pretty regularly... still find myself fairly and highly distractedly insatiable these days
L: like you're 18 again?
J: at 18 I had little idea of what I was doing. like to think I have graduated a little from there... much has changed since I lost my virginity to you
L: that wasn't me -- i wasn't even a fetus when you were 18.
J: boy, wonder what her name was then.
L: thomas
J: possible - never did see her from the front
L: and she barked like the rest of them
J: I would say more of a whine, followed by the inevitable begging, then a long discussion over dinner plans
L: dinner plans considered at 18? you are such a gentleman. i'm lucky if i get a coffee out of any of my encounters
J: well one must consider where most of these are sourced (said in my snobbiest british accent)
L: right
J: maybe you should ask for a snack first
L: They always offer a snack right away