TWO sold-out performances to launch the season.
That's far from horrible. :)


One of the many things that I will miss.
Those seats, in this hallway, at this time of the day.


To those of you who've written me off...

Yes you, the visitor in Costa Rica -- and you, the visitor from Stephen Thomas who is obsessed with cauliflower and popcorn. Hello.

Just thought you'd like to know what kind of day I've been having. A horrible day.

Two reasons.

1) I have pimples. Two of them. On my face. I am not supposed to have pimples. Not at 29.

2) I stuck my finger in bird shit today.

Go ahead and gloat.


Feature + 981

Two voice messages were waiting for me when I got into work this morning.

The first one was a ticket request for our upcoming show.

The second seemed, at first, to be from my brother -- at least I assumed it was him because I heard boys speaking in the background, followed by what sounded like Ted's "uh huh." I figured he was unaware that my number had inadvertently been dialled. The time stamp read 11:58PM. Either he was stoned. Or drunk. Or both.

These episdoes are often entertaining, so I listened on. After a few minutes the "uh huh"s didn't sound like Ted anymore. I had no idea who it was. And one voice in the background proceeded to go into graphic detail about an enema. I should have scribbled notes, but I was too busy tittering.

So now I have to wonder, was this a random number (they even chose my extension!) selected by silly drunk boys? Did they think they could gross me out? L'il Miss Poopysocks? Or was someone just thinking of me, hoping to brighten my day?


good night, Brie


After two interviews and weeks of nail-biting, I found out today that I didn't get the job. The one job I've actually been excited over since this whole search process began. So the search continues. There's always something better out there, right?

On a brighter note, lots of goodies in the mail today: the latest issue of Harper's, the latest issue of Bon Appétit, AND a coupon from Chapman's Ice Cream which entitles me to$5.00 worth of Chapamen's Ice Cream Products!
Not having steady employment all summer hasn't been completely horrible. Far from it. I had time to go to the beach, to sleep in, to do more than three crosswords a day...

If I was working full-time, I certainly would't haven't been able to catch afternoon screenings at TIFF! First one today is at 3:30. A documentary entitled Yokohama Mary at the Al Green Theatre. I got all of my first picks this year. Yay.

Life is not horrible. I have all my hair -- though I wish I'd have less in the back, more at the front. And I still have most of my teeth.


Peas and Yogurt. Toot.

Attended a Cat Power concert at Lee's Palace last night (SO awesome! I could just swim in Chan Marshall's voice). But prior to that, I did something very silly.

I had a craving for Indian food, so I went to one of my favourite restaurants, Nataraj. The problem with Indian restaurants is that the portions are often too big and you have to take home the leftovers. I wanted to avoid taking it with me because of the concert, but I also didn't want to let the rest go to waste (their Muttar Pilau Rice and Shrimp Malai Curry is sooooooooo good) -- so I ate it ALL. And washed it down with a tall glass of Mango Lassi.

You can imagine how high the waiter's eyebrows were raised when he came to clear my dishes.

"I guess I was hungry," I said sheepishly. I ordered a peppermint tea, hoping it might somehow make me feel better.

It wasn't until I stood up to leave when I realized that I'd REALLY eaten too much. My belly was beyond bloated. A terribly unflattering look, when paired with a form-fitting T-shirt.

When I met up with Linnea outside of Lee's Palace, I warned her that I was full of peas and yogurt. We had tickets to see the 7PM show, which was pretty packed -- though there was enough elbow space for everyone. I did my best to hold in the gas, though at one point, I may have burped cashew.