While I am far from becoming a full-fledged nudist, my first visit to Hanlan's Point has me hooked. The feeling of the sun on every inch of skin was delicious. I have never been interested in laying on a beach -- but doing so without wet nylon/spandex clinging to my body makes me want to lay naked on a beach ALL the time! Perhaps it is because they are not normally exposed to the sun, but your genitals sure heat up in a comfortable -- non-sexual, even -- way. I highly recommend that everyone tries it at least once -- regardless of your body type. No one's watching you more than yourself, so who cares?

Was tsk-tsk-tsked by two older, fully-clothed Chinese men,who hobbled up close from female to female. Clearly they were not impressed with my tattoo.

I am looking forward to returning soon. Being a little too generous with the SPF60, I barely got a tan after sitting out there for more than five hours. Unfortunately, the weather forecast calls for rain and clouds on both of my days off this week :(


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