I feel like I have a golfball lodged in my throat. Hurts to swallow. Hurts to laugh. Don't make me laugh.

"I'm staying home today. My lymph nodes are swollen."



"Have you been kissing anyone?"


"Maybe you have mono."

"I'm pretty sure I don't have mono, Dad."

"But you can get it from kissing someone."

"Then it is very unlikely that I have mono."

Unless it's something you can also catch from having your neck breathed on every morning on a packed streetcar.

Well, M, when you get back and if you haven't fully recovered, there will be plenty of chicken soup left for us to share :)


The Spinster's Almanac

Greetings all!

The irrepressible Susie Burpee is requesting your company at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts this week.

If you haven't met her already, then you really should. And once you do, you will want to bask in her lovely glow over and over again.

I know I do.

I hope to see you at the Distillery...

The Spinster's Almanac

This character-driven work is a cabaret of solitude that spins a tragi-comic tale of loss and survival. The work is set to an original song cycle by Canadian songwriter Christine Fellows, who creates "perfect miniatures as finely wrought and layered as a New Yorker short story, with an inviting first line and an eye for detail." (Vancouver Courier).

A DanceWorks CoWorks Series Event
Wednesday March 14 - Saturday March 17, 2007
Young Centre for the Performing Arts
Distillery Historic District
Tickets ($22/$18)


Saturday Brunch begins


So come on down tomorrow morning and say Hello. The first ten people to say "Hello. Your face is like a shithouse" to me in Italian will get a cappuccino. On me.

We've got Illy.