Feature + 981

Two voice messages were waiting for me when I got into work this morning.

The first one was a ticket request for our upcoming show.

The second seemed, at first, to be from my brother -- at least I assumed it was him because I heard boys speaking in the background, followed by what sounded like Ted's "uh huh." I figured he was unaware that my number had inadvertently been dialled. The time stamp read 11:58PM. Either he was stoned. Or drunk. Or both.

These episdoes are often entertaining, so I listened on. After a few minutes the "uh huh"s didn't sound like Ted anymore. I had no idea who it was. And one voice in the background proceeded to go into graphic detail about an enema. I should have scribbled notes, but I was too busy tittering.

So now I have to wonder, was this a random number (they even chose my extension!) selected by silly drunk boys? Did they think they could gross me out? L'il Miss Poopysocks? Or was someone just thinking of me, hoping to brighten my day?


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