After two interviews and weeks of nail-biting, I found out today that I didn't get the job. The one job I've actually been excited over since this whole search process began. So the search continues. There's always something better out there, right?

On a brighter note, lots of goodies in the mail today: the latest issue of Harper's, the latest issue of Bon App├ętit, AND a coupon from Chapman's Ice Cream which entitles me to$5.00 worth of Chapamen's Ice Cream Products!
Not having steady employment all summer hasn't been completely horrible. Far from it. I had time to go to the beach, to sleep in, to do more than three crosswords a day...

If I was working full-time, I certainly would't haven't been able to catch afternoon screenings at TIFF! First one today is at 3:30. A documentary entitled Yokohama Mary at the Al Green Theatre. I got all of my first picks this year. Yay.

Life is not horrible. I have all my hair -- though I wish I'd have less in the back, more at the front. And I still have most of my teeth.


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