The Rules of Hanlan's Point

1st rule: No staring.

2nd rule: No staring then waiting for me to find a spot on the beach before planting yourself nearby then staring some more then sidling up to me and saying "Hello Beautiful, wanna go for a swim?" then staring at me some more when I politely say "No" then following me into the water with your cigarette still lit (!) then staring some more.

3rd rule: No diddling of the dongle -- no, not even during the ferry ride. A friendly wink does not make public masturbation OK.

4th rule: No staring, then beckoning me to follow you around the corner.

Something for you to remember: Just because a gal shows up at a pub/movie theatre/clothing-optional beach by herself, it does not mean that she is looking for company.


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At 11:22 AM, Blogger Dr.WinstonOBoogie said...

Hey, i know you. I think i have seen you a few times at the beach this summer. Actually, i think i was sitting fairly close to you on a couple of occassions. You start to remember the "faces" (lol) of the regulars that go there. If my memory is correct i think you sat down near me a few times, i remember your face. Yes, your face. Was i staring? No, more like casually looking, like everyone else does when the first arrive. More like looking at a Monet and saying, "wow that's beautiful" I have been going to nude beaches since i was 17. I started going to the beach east of VicPark and Queen when i was 17 and still go there. I sorta understand what you were talking about, as i remember being hit on by guys at the VicPark beach. I could tell you stories, but that is for another time. See you at the beach.

At 1:37 PM, Blogger Dr.WinstonOBoogie said...

While reading through some of your past blogs, your profile picture has been driving me nuts. I kept telling myself, i know i have seen her before, not just at the beach. I did a little surfing and "viola" i think i found out how i remember you. If i am correct, there are a some pics of you and your girlfriend at Hanlan's. The pics are not the greatest, but comparing it to your profile pic, there is a strong resemblence. And don't say, "all Asians look the same to white people" :) It looks like the person had a camera in a bag. If you want, email me and i will forward them to you. I could have seen you somewhere around the Dundas/Ossington area, as i have some close friends there and frequent the area alot. Either that or I was hallucinating.


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