lust, caution

A date. Kind of. A kind-of-date with someone I did not meet through the personals. Yeah, I know. The concept of meeting someone through friends is so foreign to me.

We'd both chosen the 9:15 Sunday morning screening for Ang Lee's Lust, Caution -- positive that we'd both get in. He was lucky enough to actually get an advanced ticket. I had to stand in the rush line. At 8am this morning. In the rain. He went ahead and was kind enough to save a seat. But when they finally let rush people in, the film had started and the lights had gone down. Rush-liners were herded to the front section of the Paramount theatre -- the seats no one should have to pay more than $5 to sit in.

I didn't know very much about the film, except that it was a period piece set in Shanghai and Hong Kong -- and starred Tony Leung. Yummy. I grew up watching this guy play a police cadet in a popular Hong Kong series in the 80s (aptly named Police Cadet), opposite the divine Maggie Cheung. In Lust, Caution, his character is far less likeable -- and halfway through the film, my little Tony gets very naked. Many times. Up-close and personal, with hairier thighs than I'd imagined.

I just read that the film will be getting an NC-17 rating in the US. Ang Lee will not be required to clean it up for its release in Chinese theatres at the end of the month. Definitely an awkward selection for a first date; I am relieved that we did not get to sit beside each other for the film, for I am sure I would have blushed during all that sexing. I know, I'm 30 -- I really should grow up.

Since we're both TIFFing this week, a second movie get-together has been set for Tuesday midnight, for Sukiyaki Western Django -- the dude, the me and good ol' Derrick. I am looking forward to this screening, because the people who attend Midnight Madness shows are almost always a kooky bunch. Yelling at the screen is encouraged.


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