I was amused to find this article on the front page of the Star this morning, confirming that I did not make up those facts last October. While it's great that readers will be able to decide whether or not to eat at a place like this, that treats its staff like poop, the publicity (note to self: being a meanie is one way to get a front page photo) will also attract those who would love to get a peek of management in action, further drumming up business at the two restaurants.

"Some people do not understand a sense of emergency." And what, dear Chef, is this emergency that you speak of?

For weeks, I got the run-around when I called to inquire about my paycheque. I had a feeling that I'd never see the money. All that effort wasn't worth the $50 owed, but I'd persisted out of principle. Eventually, I gave up when all the individuals I'd been passed on to had all gone "on vacation for an unknown length of time" and/or left the company.


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