Staff party starts at 6:30.
Theme: Casual Black & White

Somehow, I'd overlooked the word Casual. The ladies will be in their capris and I will be in my party dress. I've been here a little over four months and I've barely met one-tenth of the staff at this organization (150 full- and part-time staff at eight different sites).

I always get this way before parties. "Do I
have to be there?" People make me nervous sometimes.

I'll be missing The Spirit of the Beehive at Cinematheque, and the comfort of sitting in a dark theatre alone, surrounded by strangers.

Because of the structure of the organization, people tend to stick to their departments (youth workers, daycare workers, counsellors, mediators). I will be the only one representing the development department -- the other two-thirds of it is on holiday.

Our spunky Director of HR has assured me that she feels the exact same way before every staff party -- and she's been working here for eight years. :) I've been invited to sit with the rest of the Administration staff. Fewf.

A quiet, early exit is not an option, since the party will be on a boat in stinky Lake O. If I get really anxious, I suppose I could grab a lifejacket and jump. I shouldn't be such a suck. I am sure that it won't be horrible.

But you know me. I'm shy.

Erp. Prickly pits.


At 5:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heh. I've run into much the same issue with my company (party on Lake Ontario and everything). Only in my case, I opted not to go -- pretty much for the same reasons.


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