Follow the girl for a few blocks. Say something, anything, see if she responds. She keeps her distance, tosses you a scowl every few steps. Just keep at it. When she quickens her pace, match it.

Dominion is her refuge. Make it obvious that you are following her. She stares right at you and you quickly dodge into the next aisle; her skittishness exciting you. Notice her glance over her shoulder as she pays for yogurt that she really didn't need. She knows you're waiting for her next move. Flash her a grin as you walk out the door; ignore the fact that the cashier, the stockboy and customers in line are watching you, as you watch her.

Walk to the end of the stript and wait for her by the mailbox. If you're lucky, she'll walk past you again to get home. Instead she races across the empty parking lot and jumps into a cab. She hasn't had this feeling since she lived in St. Catharines. She hates you for making her revisit it.


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