"We've had stellar interns. And frankly, you weren't one of them." This was disclosed to me in a phone conversation when I called one of my former supervisors to request a reference. "I had a feeling that I'd be hearing from you and I told myself I'd be prepared, but I wasn't. My position hasn't changed."

Needless to say, I did not list her as one of my references. Though I will admit that several reasons inhibited my ability to give the internship 100%, I knew that I was far from horrible as a worker. I was keener than keen at all of our events, and yet I will be remembered in the office as that "intern who put a really provocative image on her desktop wallpaper and could have offended some of our donors!" Puh-lease.

Two and a half years later, M sends me the link to this page, where A (fellow intern and Nancy Drew admirer) and the lactard appear to be happy museum-going students. Students! I suppose I should be thankful that although I am pushing 30, I am still mistaken for a young'un, face planted on a website to attract other young'uns. What does it take to get onto the YPC (25-40 year-olds) page?

This photo was taken at Family & Friends Day at the ROM in December, 2003. Permission to be misrepresented had not been granted.


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