So I did it on Thursday. I quit the frenetic uber-trendoid place. Now I am back to looking for something temporary until my talents are discovered and I land the job of a lifetime.

I would only take this
job if I was guaranteed an elf costume. Then tell you all about it. But David Sedaris beat me to it years ago.

Medieval Times is hiring for many positions. But the only opening I've got my heart set on is the part-time role of Princess Esperanza, daughter of King Alfonso. Destiny.

"Salary commensurate with ability. Serious applications only." Nuts.


At 12:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be self employed, work your own hours, ensure public safety is enforced! Skills include shadow creeping, lurking and blinding poorly animated explicatives exploding on demand to overwhelm assailants.

Own costume required.

You could be... wait for it...
A super hero.


You'll find a fab job, if not, heroism isn't so bad. It's still philanthropic.

At 4:42 PM, Blogger ers said...

Dude, I plan to leave ye olde lande of philanthropy in the very near future, so I feel your pain. And I just saw that princess ad today - BEST JOB EVER. Sorry I missed pumpkining this weekend. :(


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