note to self: stop leaning back on your office chair

I fell off my chair, landed on my elbow and experienced five long minutes of nausea.

It wasn't until hours later when I realized how close I had come to cracking my skull open on my boss' desk, had I not instinctively pulled my chair forward the moment I felt it topple backwards. Sure, the job search would have been put on permanent hold, but I would have missed Jon's wedding -- which would have sucked, since I just bought a pretty dress for the occasion. Fewf.

A nice little shiner is starting to form around the cut on my right elbow. I don't recall walking into anything recently, but a sizable bruise has appeared on my left shin. Balance. The waitress at the Canary was quick to point out -- suspiciously -- the bruise on my arm a few months ago. All I could do was shrug. This tumour of mine, keeps me from remembering every corresponding bump to my purple boo-boos.

The only incident (aside from this recent funny bone mishap) I can remember clearly, happened way back in Kingston, when Annie was just a kitten and we were living on Princess above the Goat. The cokehead of a temporary roommate of mine had this habit of propping my kitchen window open so that he could smoke on the roof. The last time he did that, my cat wandered out and got lost on someone's rooftop, crying until she was found. The little pads on her paws were all scratched up. Her rescuers didn't have any cat food so they offered her marble cheese. She had swirly poops for the next few days.

When I saw that the dumdum had left the window open again, I rushed to close it, pulling the splintered piece of wood away. I sensed Annie scamper over. I don't know how it happened, but I recall seeing the heavy window sliding down in slow motion, landing on my upturned forearms. There was no one around to hear me scream. I am pretty sure I didn't. But I did get quite the pair of bruises.

Most memorable comment came from a regular at the Star Diner while I poured his coffee.
"What happened to your arms?"
"I kind of let the window shut down on my arms. By accident."
"Oh yeah? Tell your boyfriend not to tie you up so tight next time."
This, from one of Kingston's finest.


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