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The great thing about being partially employed is that when it's 36C and sunny with 0% POP, you don't have to be in the office ^_^ The best place to be if you're stuck in the city? Hanlan's Point!

The lake was unbelievably warm yesterday -- highest water quality downtown Toronto. T and I let the waves push us around until our hands got pruney. We slathered on more sunblock, lay on our towels and got caught up on some much-needed girl talk. Then back in the water!

On this visit, we decided to be a little more strategic about where to plant ourselves. In the past, we'd set our towels down on the far east end of the beach, bordering the clothing-mandatory side, close to the shore. On each occasion (except for the time I went with a dude), men would come and chat us up. Just because we are scantily/barely/un-clad women on the beach, it doesn't mean that we want to engage in long conversations with you. This time, T and I chose a nice little pocket in the sea of predominantly gay men, a little further back from the water. No disturbances this time, just friendly "hello"s and "feels like bath water!" from passers-by. I did spot a handful of people from previous trips to Hanlan's Point. (how many more visits until I attain Frequent Nudist status?)

T & me

SIGHTING: I am almost sad that I only saw this guy just as we were getting off the ferry to go home. He is a bit of a celebrity on Toronto's Craigslist -- at least for those of us who troll the personals section frequently. He is constantly offering massages to women (specifically "not big women" because he only knows how to massage slim and pretty ladies well). Lately he's been looking for women to join him at Hanlan's Point. His choice of photos made me wonder if he was actually serious, and not some weirdo posting as a joke. Images of women/bottoms being massaged; of himself with a cast on his arm in a cluttered bedroom; of a stethoscope on a stained office chair; of his face looking like it had just received a punch or three; of a beach umbrella with his e-mail address and home phone number stencilled/written on it; of himself lying on a massage table in a hotel room, wearing nothing but a bow tie, silk cuffs and a matching jockstrap; But this guy is for real. It was the sign on his bicycle which I'd noticed first: "Massage for Females. Low cost or Free." I wonder if he had any luck.

I hope to see him again -- not for the free massage (though it could be tempting since I'm not working much these days), but to hear his voice. His spelling is atrocious, as is his grammar. His writing almost seems slurred. I want to ask him about his approach, whether it has been met with any success. People on CL slam him all the time, offering constructive criticism, but publish it on CL for everyone else to read. How many helpful CL-ers actually email him directly?

I suppose I could do just that. E-mail him. But some things never translate well electronically. And maybe he smells really nice.


At 3:24 PM, Blogger MUPO said...

It's just not fair, why do girls get all the breaks, I'd love a low cost or free massage.

At 3:27 PM, Blogger MUPO said...


It's like he's calling out to you.


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