sequestered in the suburbs

Time's actually flying by. Two weeks down, one more to go.

This hasn't been as horrible as I'd anticipated -- despite that one Sunday incident, after travelling two hours I realized, while standing on my front porch, that I'd left the other set of keys on my bed, downtown. After walking a couple kilometers to find a payphone, my hero from Scarborough came to the rescue. I was worried about the cats starving, but he assured me that "cats are resilient creatures." They're fine now ^_^

It's nice having the entire house to myself, even though I only go into half the rooms. What I'll miss, when I go back to the Ch√Ęteau next week: cooking, while Brie perches close by, waiting for me to turn my back so that she can lick the chicken; Annie snuggling by my hip as I fall asleep; walking around the house in my undiepants; in-house, coin-free laundry; watching the lean, nubile, sweaty boys mow our lawn on Friday afternoons. Sigh.


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