tulips and anemones

Tonight, we're going up to the Bathurst Bowlerama (second time this month!) for a colleague's birthday. I bought her some red freesia and red anemones this morning. Flowers, always a lovely thing to give -- never carnations or roses, of course. Don't get me started on baby's breath ;) The white freesia and tulips I bought on Sunday look so pretty in our sunny dining room!

For a few years, I had this ultimate fantasy, to end up in San Francisco where I'd make a living as a florist, and make a life and babies with a trombone player. I don't fantasize about musicians anymore. But a flower shoppe would still be kind of nice, I think. I'd call the store Ladybug.

I used to date a boy who worked for a bank, in an office tower. We had been official, but fell into this one-sided casual thing, where he flirted and cruised around, kept his options open, while I moved back to Toronto just to be closer, to pine for him, to wait for him to love me more. On his birthday, I thought it was a nice gesture to send him a bouquet of lilies at work. He called to thank me, but I could tell from his tone that he was a little embarrassed -- afraid it would make him appear less virile in front of the cute receptionist. He was a bit of a shit anyway.

If I bowl over 61 tonight, I just might do the Dance of Joy.


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