this past week

Attended what had to be my favourite concert this year. Would have met up with a friend had he not forgotten to check the date on his ticket.

In attempt to clarify my intentions, emailed an old friend from high school to tell him I had no desire to get into his pants. No response. Perhaps I think too much.

Had dinner with two writers, where I a) in their presence, felt rather unaccomplished and b) felt like a hippo sitting beside the 80lb poet.

Ordered strawberry crepes for breakfast. Too jammy, too sweet. Never again.

Took in a matinee performance of Past Perfect at the Tarragon with M & D. Very well-acted. The main character was an abrasive young woman who screeched and smoked -- parts of her reminded me of me on my worst days as a human being, parts of her reminded me of the cokehead I used to live with.

Opted for the Creme Caramel Lamb Burger (big yummy messy pile of caramelized onions, mushrooms and BBQ sauce) at the Yellow Griffin Pub, where they have over 35 varieties of burger toppings. I'm thinking I'll try the Skinny Dipper next time (crunchy peanut butter and jam on meat -- why didn't I think of that before?) I will also remember to bring a toothpick or dental floss with me.

Brunch shift was practically stress-free. Level of pit moisture: Arid.

Improv night at Oasis: God bless bowel humour. The boy who stole speaker knobs also reminded me of me.

This morning, Timmy's rim said "Sorry, try again!"


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