a new friend

nyckillaghatz: who you be?
andromache_is_my_cat: some dude
nyckillaghatz: nice choice of an avatar then
andromache_is_my_cat: thanks
nyckillaghatz: you must be a real feminine 'dude'
andromache_is_my_cat: sure
nyckillaghatz: lol where in toronto you from?
andromache_is_my_cat: you mean where in toronto do i live?
nyckillaghatz: sorry dog..i from da ghetto of scaboro, styll
andromache_is_my_cat: oh. you're not in nyc?
nyckillaghatz: nah..i got killa ghatz tho
andromache_is_my_cat: ghatz?
nyckillaghatz: gats
andromache_is_my_cat: cats? i have two cats -- one is annie. she is a calico -- the other is brie. she's mostly black. but with a white belly. she's so cute! but fat
nyckillaghatz: calico..ahh..sounds mad familiar
andromache_is_my_cat: and her paws are teeny tiny. so cute ^_^
nyckillaghatz: oh yeah/ my gats are kinda fat too... only they spit metal things... can your cats do that?
andromache_is_my_cat: no. they usually cough up hairballs. no metal
nyckillaghatz: oh ok..oh and they have no emotions or nuttin like that...only if ya touch a soft spot..they get angry and start spittin' dem metal tings
andromache_is_my_cat: maybe you should take your cats to the vet
nyckillaghatz: i would but the vet would call the cops on me
andromache_is_my_cat: oh. because you abuse your pets?
nyckillaghatz: nah..they..they abuse people tho..kill em sometimes
andromache_is_my_cat: well that's no fun
nyckillaghatz: trust me..i don't play games.
andromache_is_my_cat: sure
nyckillaghatz: hahaha..you probably scurred witless right now
andromache_is_my_cat: scurred witless?
nyckillaghatz: scared as hell
andromache_is_my_cat: uh. no. why would i be?
nyckillaghatz: cause my gats spit that fiyah...
andromache_is_my_cat: fiyah?
nyckillaghatz: lol
andromache_is_my_cat: i thought they spit metal things
nyckillaghatz: well...when it spits metal things..flame flickers.. therefore fiyah
andromache_is_my_cat: fire?
nyckillaghatz: jee-uh
andromache_is_my_cat: jesus? jihad? i don't get it
nyckillaghatz: jee-uh is yes. jeeez..yer out of it. maybe you should watch boyz in the hood or somethin' like that
andromache_is_my_cat: is that a show? because i don't have cable
andromache_is_my_cat: i just bought the first season of Grey's Anatomy. it's soooooo good!
nyckillaghatz: is that a show fer crackas?
andromache_is_my_cat: do you like medical drama?
nyckillaghatz: well..i bring medical drama if someone insults me lol
andromache_is_my_cat: really? gee, you're pretty sensitive
nyckillaghatz: sure..send kids to icu
nyckillaghatz: lol ya think? i prefer heartless...cold-blooded..naw mean
andromache_is_my_cat: sounds more cowardly to me. it's not so hard being nice :)
nyckillaghatz: it takes steel ballz to twist caps and put someone's brain on they shoes..
andromache_is_my_cat: you talk funny -- or do you only type funny?
nyckillaghatz: yo..they made me talk funny
andromache_is_my_cat: your steel ballz?
nyckillaghatz: i don't talk like the devil
andromache_is_my_cat: i've never met the devil
nyckillaghatz: lol..ya pics are full-of-em
andromache_is_my_cat: which pics?
nyckillaghatz: pics with whiteys..
andromache_is_my_cat: ?
nyckillaghatz: lol. nothing..yer out of it
andromache_is_my_cat: you sure have a kooky sense of humour! ^_^
nyckillaghatz: lol. thanks ...i like ur sarcasm too
nyckillaghatz: so where in t dot do u live
andromache_is_my_cat: downtown. college and dufferin
nyckillaghatz: seeen..ok
andromache_is_my_cat: it's a really pretty neighbourhood. lots of trees
nyckillaghatz: parkdale area..that's the block
andromache_is_my_cat: i'm just northeast of parkdale. some great brunch places in that area
nyckillaghatz: oh word
nyckillaghatz: mad heat in parkdale..so many custees
andromache_is_my_cat: it's not so hot right now. it's -14
nyckillaghatz: the custees make it hot..
andromache_is_my_cat: i don't know what that is
andromache_is_my_cat: brunch customers?
nyckillaghatz: more like pharmaceutical..
andromache_is_my_cat: how do they affect the weather?
nyckillaghatz: lol!!!


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