coffee (small) talk

The most noticeable difference between the baristas at Starbucks and those at Timothy's is that while the former are always so darn chipper, the latter really don't give a fuck about you and aren't afraid to show it.

Ordered a lactose-free Thé au Lait at Timothy's this morning -- basically a tea bag steeped in steamed milk. My barista looked so incredibly sullen. Now, I am one who usually hates small talk -- and yet I tred to engage her in conversation as she made my drink because I saw this sourpuss as a good deed challenge. The goal was to make her grin. Stupid and pointless, I know.

"Good morning!"

She squirts some syrup in the cup. Doesn't look up at me.

"So what's that you just squirted in my cup?"

"It's just vanilla." This woman is adverse to making eye contact with anyone -- including her boss.

"Oooooh. Is that the secret ingredient?" Yes, I know it sounded retarded, but sometimes you say anything just to get them to say something.

"Read the sign. It says 'with vanilla' -- so no, it's no big secret." She never looks up.

"Lovely. You have yourself a wonderful day!" Secretly I'm hoping she may have scalded her scowl with steam.


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