Starbucks confessions

L: I feel as if I have to do something bad before I turn 30. Like pierce something. Or sell something.
S: How about a tattoo?
L: You mean another one?
S: I stole something once.
L: Really?
S: A clarinet.
L: Do tell.
S: I was broke. I needed the money. I just finished Grade 12 and had moved out. I sold the clarinet.
L: How much did you get for it?
S: 80 bucks. I still remember the exact amount.
L: What was the first thing you bought?
S: Probably beer.
L: When I was 11 I stole a couple bucks in quarters from Unicef... and gave it to the Girl Guides.
S: Like Robin Hood!
L: Yeh, only I wish it was the other way around. The Girl Guides were a bunch of suburban princesses.
S: The Girl Guides used to camp out on the lawn at our farm.
L: I remember those days. I bet they all got their CAMPING badges for really roughing it out on your front lawn.
S: Yeh. They were so lame.


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