64 steps

After attending this month's Doc Soup screening of Czech Dream, J-Lo and I headed down to 1164 Queen West for the opening reception of an installation exhibit -- cuz you know, we're like fuckin' cultured and shit.

The gallery wasn't hard to spot (looked for the crowd of smokers with asymmetrical haircuts/hemlines). Was not surprised to see someone who had previously visited the Chateau -- though she didn't stick around long enough for me to invite her over for ambrosia salad.

There were three works on display, but I was there to see the one in the backroom. Visual art/dance/whatever -- I don't try to understand it (learning all those big words would just confuzzle me!) I go by how it makes me feel (Does my breathing pattern change? Am I really looking? Or just staring?) I either like it or I don't -- you will never get a deep answer from me. Lisa's chandeliers were eerie and beautiful. Calming, despite the creepiness of the houseflies -- dead, stunned and alive.

This exhibit at 64 Steps closes on February 18. Do see it if it you're in the area -- make that trip if you're not.


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