Sniffly Sunday

It's currently 13C in Taipei. I've got that itchy-throat-snotty-nose-exhausted feeling. Think I've got me a cold. The apartment isn't heated, but there are about five mini space-heaters set up in various rooms. Hands are frigid. Will spend the rest of the day wrapped in a blanket. I think it went as low as 9C last week. Mom says that when she was a kid, and if it got as low as 14C, school would be cancelled because schools in Taiwan aren't heated. Interesting how back at home, it would take -30C and at least four feet of snow to shut the schools down.

I really hope it's just a 24-hour thing. Mom's gone out to find me some Neo Citran ^_^

It's my last week in Taipei -- one place I am absolutely dying to visit is here. I doubt Mom will want to come with me. She thinks I'm an oddball.

My cousin Daniella has offered her employee's pass to the spa at the hotel -- not a horrible way to spend a chilly Sunday. But I decided to stay home and sleep off this cold -- besides, I'm kind of holding out for a long soak in the hot springs. We had visited one yesterday while we were in the mountains, but it was Saturday, so naturally it was packed with people and the wait was too long. If we don't make it to the springs at Bei Tou in the next few days, then I just might take Daniella up on her offer.


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