hanging out with Mom

At the market, you can find any animal organ imaginable to take home for your stew. The fattier, the tastier. Worried about your cholesterol level? Don't come to Taiwan. I'm sure I was slowing Mom down by pointing at everything at every cart and asking "What's that?"

At one point, she smiled embassingly and whispered in Mandarin, "A chicken's ju-ju."

"Ju-ju" is what you'd say to a 5-year old boy who points at his peepee. I'm 28. Yet I don't think Mom will ever be able to say the words "Rooster Testicles" to my face. Always the smartass, I was tempted to get technical on her and correct her on her animal anatomy. Unfortunately, I never learned the Chinese pet name for balls.

Do more testicles really mean more iron?


"I see you've had some success with the laxative."
"How did you know? Does it stink?"
"Do your roommates know how gross you are?"
Teehee. ^_^


At 8:59 PM, Blogger Mariza said...

And the answer is yes, yes they do.

At 8:26 PM, Blogger Mariza said...

Hey, I just rememberd. When we used to visit greece as kids, this one restaurant used to keep a refrigerated display case outside of all the meats they would cook. One of the dishes, which remained on display throughout my childhood and is probably still there today, was really big looking jelly bean with veiny streaks running through the lining. Yup, sheep testicles. They were quite large. As a kid, I remembered them being larger than (for lack of a better visual comparison) two adult fists. In hindsight, it's probably an exagerated memory. But man, we'd run to that restaurant every year to make sure the sheep balls were still on display.

At 4:54 AM, Blogger Lottie said...

Those Taiwanese roosters sure look virile!


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