God of Fortune

You KNOW it's a good place if the restaurant's been here for more than ten years. God of Fortune (Tsai Shen), specializing in cuising from the region of Tainan, has been around for as long as I can remember.

In 1985, I came here at least once a week when I spent the summer in Taipei. My cousins loved this place, but I didn't know how to appreciate non-Western cuisine. All I wanted was a hamburger or spaghetti -- which I never got -- so I sulked through many meals here, at the God of Fortune. What did I know? I was only 8.

At 28, I'd have to say this is the best restaurant I've visited on this trip yet!

Lunch at the God of Fortune
Click on the photo on the left to see what we ate!


At 4:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuuuck, why the hell am I here.

At 9:24 PM, Blogger Lottie said...

Duuuuude. The God of Fortune will be here for another 20 years ;)

At 8:18 PM, Blogger Mariza said...

What exactly is the life expectancy of Taiwanese people? Anything over 35 should be considered a modern day miracle. Looks delish- no sarcasm intended. I have nobody to eat organ meat with over here...


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