double murders in Hualien

The naked bodies of two women are found in Hualien. Authorities assumed from the women's hair, makeup and clothing, that they were sex workers -- one in her 30s (and pregnant), the other in her 20s. Both had been strangled.

Within days, one of the victims' boyfriend confesses to the murder.
20 year-old boy had relations with young girl.
Girl, 15, was underaged.
Father of girl threatens to sue boy, unless he gives him $100,000 NT ($4000 CDN).
Boy coughs up the dough.
Father takes the money but sues boy anyway.
Mother of the young boy, along with boy and his buddies, kidnap the young girl and her best friend; kills them both, thinking that her son can't get sued for statutory rape if there's no victim.

A tragic story played out by stupid, stupid people.

What really boggles my mind is this: The victims were 15 and 12. HOW could police have been so off when they guessed their ages?


At 8:21 PM, Blogger Mariza said...

Working the streets probably ages you. I doubt their pimps give them hotel spa passes for their off days.


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