Jumping through puddles in my galoshes - w4m

I've had HSV-2 for so long, that it now feels more like a nuisance (whenever I break out) than a curse. But I keep smiling, because my lactose-intolerance is a much bigger concern.

Still with me? Super.

Would love to meet someone crush-worthy. Myself? I'm a bit of a dreamer, sometimes a charmer. I love the texture of corduroy and stucco walls. I'm 28, but look much younger -- blessed with good genes, some might say. I'm very easily intimidated by cute boys with glasses -- with dimples and facial hair. I'm socially presentable -- "cute," they call me. I prefer skirts over pants, streetcars over the subway. I take my coffee black, club sandwiches with extra mayo.

I am sure I could last a long time without sex, but a little make out session on a park bench or a front porch would be so very nice, once in a while.

Hugs and kisses. That's as far as I'd like to take it for now.


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