After waiting more than two months to see this specialist, he spends less than ten minutes with me and tells me that I am underweight and overstressed.

"Any chance you might be pregnant?"


He recommends that I redo the blood tests and ultrasound, as it has been two months since I last did them and so results may have changed since. He assures me that I won't have to wait as long to see him again for the new results -- "Don't worry, I'll make sure they squeeze you in!"

The receptionist doesn't see any openings until December and when I tell her about Dr. Shah's promise, she just laughs. "Dr. Shah tells that to all of his patients." Silly me. Well, knowing I have a month to wait, I won't be booking that ultrasound anytime soon.


At 3:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Book it now, otherwise if you wait a month before you make the next appointment, then you're gonna have to wait even LONGER, and once you go back, he'll just spend 10 minutes telling you the same thing, that you have to come back again so that he can get a better "assessment" of your health. Fucking bullshit, these doctors.


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