ah mondays

There really is no better way to start your Monday off than with an ultrasound at 7:45. The transvaginal kind.

Actually got quite a bit done before going into work this morning. Checked my ovaries, got some blood tests done, relaxed with some french toast and coffee, black, at the diner across from St. Michael's Hospital. It's one of my favourite corners for people-watching. From the southeast corner of Victoria and Queen, looking north west, the way the sun hits the windowless back of the Elgin, the sounds of ambulances and cabs, the throng of suits and coveralls and scrubs sharing the sidewalks -- reminds me of a unnamed corner of NYC. I've been thinking about NYC a lot.

My visits to the Toronto Police Services and Chowhound sites have become less frequent. My new obsession? The rants and raves on this site. Wow I'm restless.


At 5:26 PM, Blogger Mariza said...

doesn't it remind you of a lightsabre?

At 3:58 PM, Blogger Lottie said...

The vadgy wand?
There was no light coming out of this one. It looked more like a mic you'd see at McDonald's -- wearing a rubber sock and coated with mucous.
I doubt a lightsabre would have felt as lubed and squidgy -- and cold.


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