Oasis on College

The last time i saw him was mid-November 2004. After five or six dates, I think he finally got the hint that we weren't dating, nor would we ever -- we were just hanging out. A really nice guy. He was kind, cute and we seemed to have similar interests and quite a lot to talk about. The boyfriend potential was evident, but there was something missing. Things didn't end badly. They just ended.

It was ers' 27th birthday gathering tonight at Oasis on College. When I got there, he was there. It was nice to see him. He introduced me to a woman, who I was sure was his girlfriend.

"Oh, I completely forgot you knew each other!" Ers said. It wasn't awkward, and for some reason, I got the feeling from her that it should have been. "I didn't even think to tell you that he was going to be here. Are you OK with that?"

"Of course -- it's good to see him. Is that his girlfriend?"

"Actually, it's his fiancée!"

He seemed slightly embarrassed when I congratulated him. I'm very happy for him, because I know what a great guys he is. Even though we had plenty of things in common, I am not at all sad that things didn't turn lovey-dovey between us. I am utterly smitten with an oddball -- the kind of guy people who know me might say "I would have never pegged him as your type." But even though we constantly find things about each other (mainly our differences) that drive us insane, I get these feelings of blissiness when I think of him, because that something is there.


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