a nice feeling

Several factors:
1) discovering further examples of negligence displayed by a recently departed colleague. We had exchanged a few angry emails in the past few days -- I'd felt a teensy bit badly for giving her such a hard time. That feeling completely dissolved today when I found out that she had not followed certain procedures during this transition -- procedures which had been stressed as highly important. You'd think that once you decided to leave a company -- even if you were doing some work for them on a contract basis, you would cancel your signing privileges AND remove yourself from the company insurance policy. She forgot -- and still took it upon herself to sign cheques on behalf of the company. My first inclination was to e-mail her and tell her she'd fucked up (once again) but decided she hated me enough already, so I was better off gloating in silence. Although this made my resentment/frustration toward her seem all the more justified, it sure makes me sound like a horrible person, doesn't it?

2) receiving a call from someone who thought I was "wonderful person" and would make a "terrific candidate" for the position of General Manager for a cutting-edge contemporary dance company. She asked if I would be interested in interviewing for the job. I was flattered -- this was a company that had given me my first real taste of contemporary dance and I really do admire the work they do -- but I love Dancemakers and have committed myself to sticking around until the end of the season. I thanked her and told her I'd check back with them in the spring.

3) being taken out to dinner by our Artistic Director. We went to
Batifole on Gerrard, one of Serge's favourite French restaurants. He thanked me and told me he was moved by my work ethic and passion for the company -- the kind of passion that artists would normally have for their work. It made me warm and fuzzy to hear him equate my loyalty to the company, to that of the artists. I really do feel that way, and as an arts administrator who's still figuring out whether this is the right career path, this kind of recognition means alot to me. How likely would this have happened if I worked for larger organization?

4) having two, yes TWO, comfortable poops in a day.


At 11:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If "forgetting" means "doing what I agreed to do upon my departure until I was replaced" - then you are RIGHT on the money here, Ms. Accuser-Face. God you're stupid.

At 12:24 AM, Blogger Lottie said...

It's nice to see that more than three people I know visit my blog. Thanks for coming out ^_^


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