Attended the screening for Citizen Dog, a Thai film, at the stinkyzoopoo Paramount with Ted.

So I've already mentioned how much I lurve that trailer. What else about TIFF
floors me? A certain type of festivalgoer who sticks around for Q&A to subject the rest of the audience to his masturbatory -- fellatory, even -- praise of the film seen. It opens with a "good job great film!" followed by a demonstration of the speaker's knowledge of the filmmaker's work. After 5 minutes, some lame question gets tacked on, usually some variation of "wouldn't you agree?" The speaker's question isn't really a question, but a thinly-veiled attempt to impress us all. Said speaker also likes the sound of his/her voice. Much like the very kids in my film class who made me hate film students.

I wish more filmmakers would call them on it, like Todd Solondz did at last year's screening of Palindromes.

"Loved your film blahdeeblah[insert blowjob here]blahdeeblah but I've noticed so many of your films focus on pedophilia. Why is that?"

"So many? Really? I can only think of two. Obviously you know something that I don't..."


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