Five down, three to go

Although nothing really stood out in the programme this year, I am happy that I haven't been disappointed yet.

Twelve and Holding (Cuesta)
Le temps qui reste (Ozon)
Citizen Dog (Sasanatieng)
The Last Hangman (Shergold)

This year's TIFF poster sucks -- but the trailer rates even higher on the scale of suck. Bravo, Endeavour Marketing. Oh wow. Hands touching hands. The way films are suppose to touch their audiences. To connect. *snort* I guess it makes more sense than last year's equally lame trailer showing some woman in a white dress spinning in a field. I think there was a dove in it. Or something.
Barry Avrich, President of Endeavour Marketing (and former Creative Director at Echo) claims: "If it is boring or annoying, the trailer has clearly failed." Right.

2002 poster was pretty neat, with dancers painted like clapboards. Hard to believe that same agency, Echo, was responsible for the whirly girly. This year's trailer music reminded me of a cheap knockoff of that duet from Lakmé -- you know the one, from the British Airways commercial AND if I remember correctly, from the skit from the Kids in the Hall, when Bruce shares a special moment with his dog.


At 1:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree about the trailers; they are awful. The Vancouver International Film Festival does a much better job.


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