Detroit Eatery

I had the most memorable birthday dinner exactly seven months ago -- yes yes, it was so memorable that it took me seven months to write about it. My closest roommates, a boy I wanted to call steady, and an entire diner to ourselves. Bacon and eggs -- perfectly done -- with a chocolate shake to wash it all down. Pecan pie for dessert.
Stopped into the Detroit Eatery for a long overdue meal this morning. Ordered my usual. I almost cried when I saw how beautiful the plate looked. Wish I had my camera. Eggs over medium, bacon limp and floppy, three bright red slices of tomato staring straight up at me. It really shouldn't be that difficult for a restaurant to make, and yet this is the only place that gets it right. Every time. Slurp-worthy coffee in a cup on a little matching saucer where my spoon can rest. Breakfast at Detroit is what I miss most about living off the Danforth.


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