I thought you were Ed

Which was why I smiled as we both came up the escalators from both platforms at King Station. You smiled back so I smiled again. Then I realized you were not Ed, but someone who looked like Ed. I kept smiling, but my eyes wandered around, as if I was the kind of girl who smiled at nothing all the time -- which happens to be true. And you kept smiling at me, thinking I could have been the one. All I could do was play it cool. I rushed up the stairs to the street level, past you. I ran on to the street, barely getting hit by the cab, not wanting to miss that streetcar. "Watch out for cars," I heard you say softly. But I didn't turn to smile thanks. That would have made you think I could have been the one. I sat at the back and chatted with someone from my salsa class, saw you sit in front of me, with your face turned to the side, trying to catch the sound of my voice. I pretended to be oblivious. I hope you fell for it. I am not the one.


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