bustadrop555: so do u like my looks?
Brie: you're wearing shades
bustadrop555: lol yea
Brie: don't mean to waste your time, but i'm not here to meet up with boys...
bustadrop555: ok well thats fine...could u ever see urself getting to like someone then maybe meet?
Brie: i do have a boyfriend
bustadrop555: so change ur profile. don't put single
self-proclaimed "cultured guy" gives a lesson on proper netiquette
Brie: "single, not looking" -- is that not what i've indicated?
bustadrop555: yea
bustadrop555: single meaning single
Brie: "single" as in unmarried, and "not looking" would...
bustadrop555: would mean that ur not interested in anything
Brie: so? was that not enough information?
bustadrop555: long term relationship would mean that
Brie: i didn't know that was an option -- but why would you even bother if i'd indicated "not looking"? i never thought "single, not looking" meant "come ask me out"
or "step right up and face the challenge of a girl playing hard-to-get"
bustadrop555: ok well sorry to bother you
Brie: ah well, thanks for the heads up! i'll change it and hope that yahoo updates my profile :) take care!
bustadrop555: yea bye
being a a history major and the fact that you love Mamma Mia does not necessarily make you cultured... but that's just the Queen's snob in me judging you


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