A woman has called and is giving Sweet Sue down in reception a very hard time. Her request? The phone number to Stratford. But no, she won't take the local number, she MUST have the toll-free number. I offer to take the call.
Me: Good afternoon, this is Loretta in Marketing Services. How may I help you?
She-bitch: (barking at someone in the background)I'm on the phone! So?
Me: Hello?
She-bitch: So you got it?
Of course I have it, Lil' Miss Crankypants. It's right in front of me. Normally I don't mind giving out contact information for OTHER theatre companies -- I just want to hear you ask nicely.
Me: You were just transferred to Marketing Services. Is there something I can help you with?
Me: I am not the same person you were just speaking to. May I ask what it is that you are requesting? Which number are you looking for?
The bitch hung up on me. I really do enjoy speaking slowly and politely to irate people, because it riles them up even more. The scary thing is that this call was made from within the Toronto District School Board. What a fine example she must be setting for the kids. All for a toll-free number so that she could save a couple of cents?


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