I guess it's because I've got an attitude problem...
M: So are you close with Karen in Development?
L: Close? I wouldn’t say close. We kinda say HI to each other in the hall.
M: Ah. Well are you going to that surprise shower she’s throwing for Kay?
L: Erm. Apparently not. This is the first I’ve heard of it.
M: Oh. Well it was an e-vite, which is kind of cool because it gives you an option of telling what you might bring, since it’s a potluck.
L: I see.
M: Gee, I figure if you’d be going, I’d know someone else there, since I’ve only met Kay the one time. I just thought it was kinda strange that I’d get invited.
L: Well it would have been nice to get invited to my boss’ baby shower, but I probably would have been anti-social and declined. I wouldn’t have known anyone – well, not that… I wouldn’t have had any interest talking to any of those people…
M: Hah, you would know me.
L: True. Then I would have only spoken to you. And we could have been anti-social together.


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