You tell yourself it couldn't possibly happen to you. And then a jimmy truck follows you from work. Stops ahead of you and waits in a parking lot for you to walk by. Pine tree air freshener. Tinted windows. I wanted to scream "What the fuck are you looking at?" I was halfway home but there was no way I was going to let this guy follow me all the way. Turned around, ran back to the Lawyer, hoping P or J could give me a ride. The jimmy drove past me again, stopped at the lights. "Go. Go. Go," I kept saying to the truck. Green light, he advances slowly, ahead of me, parks in front of the Lawyer. My lungs are burning from the run. I duck into the bar and wait. They see him parked outside. Then he starts up and slowly drives away, circling the bar once, stops again. Then he leaves. My co-worker just dropped me off. It can happen to me. It can happen to me. It can happen to me. It can happen to anyone. I can now see how people can forget to dial 911. I called my roommates. No answer. The door was unlocked when I got home. I can't sleep.


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