Pick up line of the week: Has anyone ever told you that you look like my mother?

Hi, how are ya?
Boy do I hate that. The completely unnecessary "howareya" which follows most "Hello"s. They really don't care, so why do they ask? Doesn't even come out as a question anymore. You really don't have to ask me. I have been guilty of saying it on occasion, but most of the time I DO care. Really. When I was in high school, my calculus teacher did that all the time, and he'd be halfway down the hall as I'm responding to his "Howareya." I could have told him I was pregnant with his child and he would never have known. A co-worker of mine does it, to be polite. Damn polite Canadians. Doesn't bother looking away from the computer when she gives me the "Hey, howareya." Every day. She sounds like a robot. So I respond like a robot. "I am well thank you for asking have a good day." Then I zap her with lasers.


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