Three shifts down, two more to go. I am going to LOVE my bed after work on Friday night. I really didn't want to work St. Patrick's Day. So what if the tips might be better -- I can only take so much. The boss asked me to work at the last minute, but I was so tired from work that night, his words didn't really register in my brain. All I did was nod. So I finally got in and I'll be getting 3 hours of sleep if I'm lucky – and I get to do it all over again tomorrow night. One party tonight pulled a D&D. Those fuckers. "We're good for now. We'll probably in a little while." Gone. Ah well. The bill only came to around 20 dollars. That's almost four issues of Real Simple! Gah. Busy nights also bring out the bitch in people. I could sense that in our bartenders and tonight, they sure let their claws show. So they've all gone to smoke a fat one at someone's house, then headed up Lake Street to Perkins for some grub. I really can't stand hanging around the drunk/high and obnoxious. Besides, I'm too old for that shit. I hope I don't fall down. Good morning.


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