I met him at the LCBO this afternoon. "Nice day eh? Which way are you going? Yeah? Me too. Nice day, nice day. I just live around the corner. So glad the snow's gone eh? My name's Freddy, what's yours? Hey look at the pussycat... She's a pretty one. You like animals too? I love animals. Sometimes I love them more than I love people. Cuz they don't talk back to you eh? Which way are you going? I'm just over here. Yeh. I've lived in St Catharines about 45 years. I got a son. He has a dog -- I think he had a dog. The A & P? That's near my house eh. I gotta keep an eye on my beer you know? My landlord -- he's into the cocaine. And the lady, she's into narcotics. I just keep out of it you know? I packed my stuff up and moved cuz I don't wanna have to deal with it. He's really into coke. He just goes into my room, messed up, and steals all my clothes. So this place I'm in, you see that green church over there? That's my house beside it. It's a rooming house. Gotta double lock my door eh. These guys, if they see this can of beer, they'll all come over. Two, three guys will want some of it. The A & P, it's just around the corner. Well this is my house. I hope to see you around. My name is Freddy. It was a pleasure walking with you on such a nice day."


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