Gosh these boys are friendly. A stranger approaches me from an alleyway downtown.
Guy: Hey hey hey? Where are you going? I like the way you walk. What's your name?
Me: Katherine.
Guy: Yeh? Where are you going, Katherine? Are you a student? Can I come with you? (gives me the once over-- must be the boots)
Me: I was just out for a walk. I am going home now. No you may not.
Guy: Can I call you? Do you have a boyfriend? Is he waiting for you at home? (seems to think my eyes are on my chest)
Me: I don't normally talk to strangers. I should go.
Guy: I'm not just a stranger. I'm Patrick. What's your name? (puts his hand out, thank god I'm wearing gloves)
Me: Katherine. I have to do stuff.
Guy: Katherine. I like that name. Are you sure I can't come home with you? Will I see you again? (didn't he give me the thrice over already?)
Me: It's a small town. I'm sure I will.
How could she pass up the date of a lifetime? Trust me ladies, it ain't easy...


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