Of course i know who you are. But I didn't realize it was you until I asked you for your name after Sebastian introduced me to you. Your baby's head was blocking your face, and all I could see were some pretty funky glasses. Gosh you have pretty eyes.
"Cute kid! And what's your (oh wait, I know who you are) name?"
"Why yes, of course" I say as I shake her hand. Why yes, of course? What's that supposed to mean?
in the green room
"So did you see who was sitting in the second row today, with the little girl?"
"Nelly Furtado"
"Get the FUCK outta here –- that was her with Sebastian!?!"
"Yeh. She's purdy"
"With the glasses?"
"Hah! I can't believe I asked her "Who ARE you?" I never ask that!"
"Why didn't he tell us she was coming? Introduce us to her?"
"Maybe cuz we were making fun of her last week..."
"Ah. That'll do it."
"I'm like a bird, I'll only fly awa-ay..."
"Get off the table, you'll spill the wine."


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